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Love Music? Love Dance?
We must be a match!
I’m Dave Ostronic and I love both.
I love both so much, I want them to be together, forever.
I’ve been a great lover of the arts since I was a kid.
My passion really turned to action in 2012. When I put on dance shoes and picked up a mic.
Away I went and I’m happy to say I’m here doing it better and better in Seattle.
The Scene is so rich, you only need to look on stage to find inspiration and guidance.
And youtube ain’t bad, either  🙂
I’m here to bring the dance world and the music world together through performance and teaching audiences a vast array of live musical rhythms.
I love to swing dance, salsa, rhumba and bachata and so that’s what I’m going to do and I invite you, too.
So put on your duds, polish those studs and slip on those pretty heels. You’re coming with me, baby.
This Dave O’s for real.