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Paul Mauer, deciding to go solo in 2007 after years of band jumping, touring and studio sessions. Now, having the freedom and new found drive to bring his music to the ears of the masses. With an interesting blend of, sometimes aggressive acoustic indie rock mixed with sensitivity of the folk singer songwriters of the 1970’s. In 2013 Paul released his first fully produced EP “Cowardly Heroic” under the watchful ears of producers: Mitchell Maldonado, and co-producer Josh Anderson of House Below Productions. The EP features a slew of talented session musicians as well as contributions from the producers themselves. Previous records had all been home records and demo session works recorded mainly by Paul himself. In the twilight of 2013 Paul started working with several musicians LIVE most notably Mathew Dalen + Thene Singleton and will most likely be carrying them over to his upcoming new studio record that he is currently writing!