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Chatter Creek, Woodinville

In our second installment of Capitol Cider’s Hidden Gems of the Cider World, we got the Chatter Creek scoop from Gordy Rawson, Owner, Winemaker, and Cidermaker out of Woodinville, WA.  Keep up with this multi-faceted winery/cidery on Facebook or on their website here, and check out our interview with Gordy below.


How was Chatter Creek get started?  What marked the beginning for Chatter Creek?

“I started Chatter Creek in 1996 with the idea to make world-class wine that reflected the unique and varied terroir of Washington State. Being a Washington State native, apples have always been in my blood. When I was learning to make wine I used apple juice to practice with and really quite liked it. Throughout my winemaking career I’ve always thought making apple wine or cider would be fun to return to. I enjoy cider, and a few years ago my son and I made a batch of cider together. The cider side of Chatter Creek grew out of that.”


How many ciders do you currently make?

“I currently have 5 available:
Pilot Project– Golden Cider. ABV 6.9%, RS 20g/l
Chaider Clipper– Chai spice infused. ABV 6.9%, RS about 30g/l
Luya– Ginger infused. ABV 6.9%, RS about 35g/l
Barrel Roll– Dry cider aged in Bourbon Barrels. Alc 9.4%, No RS
Nachthessen (Night Witches)– Cider with Blackberry, sumac, nutmeg and cinnamon. ABV 6.9%, No RS.


What are your most popular ciders?

Chaider Clipper–  This is Golden Cider infused with Chai, spices. They add wonderful aromatics to the already appley flavor; a little Clover Honey helps the spices pop. Spicey, robust and elegant. ABV 6.9% RS about 30g/l.

Luya – Golden Cider infused with fresh ginger and sweetened further with Clover Honey to bring out the heat in the ginger. All in all, a very balanced seasonal cider. ABV 6.9% RS about 35g/l.”


How is Chatter Creek inspired to create new recipes?

“Curiosity mostly. There is a whole lot of, ‘I wonder if I mixed (blank) and (blank) and (blank), how it would come off.’. I also get inspiration from tasting ciders others have made.”


Do you have a tasting room? Are you currently distributing?

“The winery is open every Saturday from 11:00 to 5:00pm. It is still mostly wine focused, but we always have a couple of the ciders open. I hope to split off the cider to its own space sometime soon.

Right now I’m the distributor. I’m looking for a sales person or a distributor to help Chatter Creek grow. (Anyone?)”


Any exciting, upcoming ciders in the works?

“I have some cider ageing in whiskey barrels that, after they were emptied, were then used to age maple syrup. I’m also working on something involving ghost peppers, and some other spice infusions that look towards bitters and vermouth. Those are probably late winter/early spring away.”


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Chatter Creek is a must-visit for anyone interested in wine and cider.  You can visit their Woodinville tasting room every Saturday from 11am-5pm, and even get involved in a sales or distribution capacity if that’s up your alley!  Contact Gordy and learn more from their site, .