Capitol Cider Inaugural Barrel Fest – yes, beer too

by Kendall Jones

capitol_cider_logo-lrgCapitol Cider doesn’t get as much mention on this blog as it deserves. Yes, it’s an amazing cider bar, with killer gluten-free food, but they also run an impressive beer program.  They just announced the Inaugural Barrel Fest, which will be starts on Thursday, July 2nd and features barrel-aged beers and ciders, mostly rare, hard-to-find stuff.

The event starts on Thursday and continues through the 4th of July weekend, with a special Barrel-Aged Brunch on July 4th. The Inaugural Barrel Fest takes over all 30 of the bar’s taps. According to organizers, this might be the first barrel-aged cider fest ever. It is certainly the first I’ve heard of around here. Still, for us beer lovers, the lineup is quite impressive.

Capitol Cider’s inaugural Barrel Fest

Cider & Beer Manager Jonathan Chambers has put together a barrel-aged cider or beer offering for each of their 30 taps starting Thursday, July 2. Two of these barrel-aged cider offerings were created exclusively for Capitol Cider for this event – a 21% Schilling offering served in a wine glass (details pending) and a Rev. Nat’s whiskey sour, 6.9%, made with Meyer lemon and makrut lime aged in a bourbon barrel.

Given Jonathan’s background in beer, this event is designed to appeal to the craft beer drinkers and also show the nuances in barrel-aged ciders along with the more familiar barrel-aged beer. We think this is the first barrel-aged cider fest possibly ever? But I don’t want to get carried away…

Here is the lineup and they have enough stock to last at least until brunch on the 4th of July (our Barrel-Aged Brunch):

Barrel-Aged Beers

  • Two Beers “High Divide”
  • Two Beers “Fall Line”
  • Odin “Dirty Jackhammer”
  • Schmaltz “He’Brew Funky Jewbilation”
  • E9 “Barreled Tripel”
  • Elevation “Montanya”
  • Black Raven “Pour les Oiseaux Wine Barrel Aged Saision”
  • Lagunitas “Scarecity #3:  High Westified Stout”
  • Lost Abbey “Red Poppy”

Barrel-Aged Ciders

  • Ace “Blackjack”
  • Woodchuck “Barrel Select”
  • Finnriver “Pomme & Stone”
  • Finnriver “Firebarrel”
  • Finnriver “Barreled Sour”
  • Finnriver “Oak and Apple”
  • Anthem “Gin Barreled”
  • Anthem “Blind Tiger”
  • Seattle Cider Co. “Westland Double Wild”
  • Seattle Cider Co. “Gin Barreled Gin Botanical”
  • 2 Towns “Barreled Nice and Naughty”
  • Reverend Nat’s “Whiskey Sour”
  • Schilling “Barrel Aged”
  • Liberty “Stonewall”
  • Snowdrift “Cornice”
  • Moonlight Meadery “How Do You Like Them Apples”
  • Moonlight Meadery “How Do You Like Them Little Apples”
  • Millstone Cellars “Hopvine”
  • Millstone Cellars “Gingeroot”
  • MIllstone Cellars “Farmgate”
  • Millstone Cellars “Cobbler”
  • Wyder’s “Reposado Pear”
  • Nectar Creek “Barrel Aged Brett Session Mead”