Portland, OR

Capitol Cider is excited to introduce December’s Cider Partner of the Month, Cider Riot!, out of Portland, Oregon.  Cider Riot! was started by Abram Goldman-Armstrong after years of dabbling in the beer and brewing space—but his accomplishments in the beer and brewing field goes far beyond that of your typical cidermaker.  After honing his talents as a homebrewer in college, Goldman-Armstrong became a certified and nationally-ranked beer judge and has judged for competitions like the American Homebrewers Association Nationals and the British Columbia Beer Awards, and has visited and written about breweries across the US, Canada, Ireland, and Germany.  His work appears regularly in Northwest Brewing News, Oregon Beer Growler, and American Brewer.

Cider Riot!’s main players include their Burncider (dry draught cider at 6.8% ABV), Everybody Pogo (hoppy cider, 6/7% ABV), Everyday (mildly sweet and brightly crisp, 6% ABV), and Never Give an Inch (Oregon blackberry cider, 6.9% ABV).  Some of their seasonal ciders include Rudy’s (cranberry hibiscus, 6% ABV) and Plastic Paddy (Irish-style cider, 6% ABV).  Although their cider isn’t all-organic just yet, Goldman-Armstrong is working towards making Cider Riot! organically certified within the next five years.

The Cider Riot! Pub is just a short drive down to Portland, and hosts exciting regular weekly and monthly events.  In the meantime, be sure to like them on Facebook and stop by Capitol Cider for a pint!