They said it couldn’t be done: cider made from organic apples, made at commercial scale from a northeastern Atlantic climate zone. The gypsy moths, alone, would make it impossible. The only way, before Autumn Stoscheck started Eve’s Cider in upstate New York, was to spray your apples full of chemicals.

But this month, Capitol Cider’s glasses will be brimming with Eve’s organic cider. Eve’s Cider is our partner of the month in April. Having found distribution across the United States, Autumn and her cider have reached into most high-end markets with scalable, organic cider that is layered with notes of earth, citrus, grass, sweetness, and acid.

Before Eve’s, “organic” didn’t have a taste, exactly. There were too few cider makers to really define the process or the flavor profile. The worry had always been that organic orchards couldn’t produce cider on a scale to compete with larger companies and distributors so, if there was a better flavor to be found from organic apples, no one knew.

But Stoscheck found a way in her partnerships with horticulturalists and other organic farmers to maintain a fully organic orchard and now there is no going back. Organic almost always tastes better so it is becoming the standard.

Most impressive is Eve’s approach to making organic sparkling cider which is, by definition, exposed to more sugar and longer fermentation. But her sparkling ciders, which pop and fizz with exciting effervescence, delight the palate without overpowering it with high tannins or funk. There is, quite simply, magic in Eve’s bottles. Capitol Cider will be popping them all April.