The game room has been around since before there were founding fathers to ferment apples. Chess, Backgammon, Bridge… You can go back through the history of western society and find these games being played in social settings, from drawing rooms to waiting rooms from aristocratic Europe to the hamlets of the early American west. As the games evolved and professional sports erupted, and industries took over everything from Poker to Dominos, the tavern has retained its hallowed role as the gathering place for a group of friends to scrutinize a chess board or commiserate over a cribbage set.

Capitol Cider takes this role as seriously as we take our food, cocktails, cider, and art. To this end, the last few months we’ve focused our programming energy on our new game nights and our longtime gaming tradition. While we are particularly excited about our upcoming regular Wednesday night game nights, like our video game tournaments and singles game, we are proudest over our commitment to old-school game culture.

Games are literally built into the Ballast Bar, downstairs at Capitol Cider. Our tables themselves are inlaid with backgammon, checkers, and chess boards; meanwhile our shuffleboard tables are custom built woodworking masterpieces, always freshly sanded and waxed for a quality, honest game.

We’ve made games a part of our tavern because friendly gatherings and honest competition is the difference between a bar and a public house. This is an homage to America’s own cider-making past when the men and women who were experimenting with a new democracy, would find relief with a mug of quality cider from their own orchards and a thrilling match of Euchre.

Now, more than ever, there needs to be places where, despite each others’ differences, we can come together over a common experience – that of friendly competition and even friendlier spirits. Cider is our spirit. Games: our pride.