In Heorot Hall, Beowulf’s warriors drank mead.

Odysseus and Oedipus made offerings to the dead with mead and sweet wine.

The Danes, the Norse, and the Celts all drank, celebrated, and mourned with mead.

The Samaveda – an ancient Vedic Sanskrit text – mentions mead.

Nine-thousand-year old pottery with traces of fermented rice, honey, and fruit has been found in China.

Elves, dwarves, and hobbits drink mead in Middle-earth.

In all of human history, where there are bees and honey, there has been mead.  The word itself comes from an Indo-European root found in both Sanskrit and Greek:  madhu/methu meaning “sweet drink,” “honey,” and “wine.”

Let’s keep these ancient traditions alive, shan’t we?  At Capitol Cider, we celebrate mead in March.  Instead of highlighting a single cider producer, we bring to you the many flavors of mead.

Mead Events:  Tap Takeovers, mead maker meet and greets, and shuffleboard tournaments:

On March 15th, Nectar Creek will be taking over our taps, and we’ll host our monthly shuffleboard tournament.

On March 22nd, Hierophant will take over the taps, and their mead maker will be here with tastings and information.

On March 29th, Moonlight Meadery’s lead mead maker will be here for a Meet & Greet and tap takeover.

Explore the Many Flavors of Mead

We are introducing our People’s Choice flight this month with a mead flight.  The flight will have six 1oz pours of meads that we carry all year long.  You won’t know the identity of each mead until after the flight, when you tell your bartender which one(s) you liked the most.  In return, you’ll learn the names of those meads.  Each month will feature a new People’s Choice flight where you can taste and learn different styles of ciders, meads, perrys, (perries?) and other delicious beverages that flight our fancy.

We will also have multiple meads on tap throughout the month, and five (yes, FIVE!) other mead flights:

Introductory Mead Flight

Sky River Dry, Hierophant Hopped, and Honey Moon Rhubarb

International Mead Flight

Enat Tej (which you may have had at your favorite Ethiopian restaurant,) iQhilika Cape Fig, and Dansk Mjød Hibiscus and Hops

Adventurous Mead Flight

Moonlight Brazen or Smoulder – Chocolate & Habanero or Raspberry & Chipolte, Sky River Solas aged in whiskey barrels, and Hierophant Hawthorne Tulsi, with hawthorne berry and wild basil

Fruited Mead Flight

Moonlight Wild – blueberry, Sky River Raspberry, and Adytum Vintis – white wine grape

Botanical Mead Flight

Sky River Rose, Hierophant Rose Cardamom, and Redstone Vanilla Cinnamon

And if you like what you’ve tasted, we can sell bottled meads and growlers of meads on tap.