Few cideries embrace pre-prohibition traditional cider making quite like Snowdrift Cider from East Wenatchee.

Before the dreaded 18th amendment, apples were cultivated less for their culinary properties and more for their value in distillation, fermentation, and baking. Only when prohibition made fermentation obsolete did apples take on a sweeter, riper, and more sugary note so that orchards could sell directly to consumers for immediate consumption. But a sweet, juicy apple does not always necessarily make the best cider.

Returning to the root of the apple, Snowdrift is growing varietals that are more closely related to the apples cultivated, specifically, for making cider. These spirits, then, are robust and traditional, and are time machines to an era when fruit always met its higher calling: being turned to alcohol.

To that end, we’ve designed the Snowdrift flight this month with tradition and quality in mind. We could have used any one of Snowdrift’s high-quality ciders – a large bevy of award-winning heirloom blend bottles. This month, though, we are focusing on the basics and the examplary: the Snowdrift Dry, Semi-Dry and the Orchard Select.

These apples come from the past to create a futuristic and visionary cider experience. The Dry is crisp, slightly bubbly with a long-lasting palate of tannins. The Semi-Dry is its close cousin, opting for a rounder and slightly less aggressive nose. Finally, the Orchard Select is self-explanatory: the best of the best pressed into one, transcendent spirit.

Visit us this May and experience what ciders tasted like before apples sold out.